Kate Middleton makes first appearance since hospitalization

Most women look forward to their first pregnancy and the prospect of having a baby, but the side effects of carrying a child can eliminate some of the initial joy. Ask Duchess Kate Middleton, who was recently hospitalized for intense morning sickness.

Middleton has since been released after going through a bout of hyperemesis gravidarum - the technical term for an acute (but severe) case of nausea due to her pregnancy. She made her first public appearance since her hospitalization at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year ceremony and looked steady on her feet as she presented an award, according to Us Weekly.

"A decision [on her attendance] wasn't made until the very last minute due to Catherine's health," a source told the magazine. "She doesn't feel well enough to carry out a lengthy engagement but was determined to pay tribute to [Team GB sportsmen and women]."

Middleton didn't show much of a baby bump at the event, donning an Alexander McQueen gown that hid her growing belly.

Many women experience morning sickness during their pregnancy, some more severe than others. Despite its name, the symptoms of this condition can occur during any time of the day. The Mayo Clinic states that morning sickness come with symptoms of nausea, fatigue, increased food cravings vomiting.

There is no defined cure for morning sickness, but experts believe that eating small portions throughout the day, spacing out meals and avoiding spicy and greasy foods may alleviate symptoms. Pregnant women can also benefit from avoiding warm places and surrounding themselves with unusual odors (especially those linked to food) to quell their nausea.

How have you handled morning sickness in the past? Do you have any tips or tricks to offer on how to cope with the symptoms? Leave your feedback in the comments section!