Kate Middleton makes UK green with post-baby body envy

Kate Middleton is a modern-day pregnancy icon. Not only did the royal carry to term and give birth to a beautiful and perfect baby boy this summer, but in only six short weeks, the Duchess of Cambridge was out and about, her body back to its gorgeous, pre-baby state. Because of this, the 31-year-old princess is one of the most envied women in England - and probably the world!

A survey published by Ideal Weight, a weight management organization, asked 1,000 women with children in the U.K. about their body image icons, and 21 percent reported wanting a body just like Middleton's. Her slim-but-not-too-slim athletic figure seems to be the ideal shape for many mothers.

Ideal Weight's spokeswoman, Kirsty Powell, said this is good news, as it indicates many women are less influenced by mainstream celebrities like actresses, who are more likely to be what some may consider too thin, reported International Business Times.

"With her sensible attitude to weight loss post-pregnancy, we're not surprised that Kate Middleton tops the list of celebrity figures we admire," said Powell. "We're even more pleased to hear that [mothers] are no longer being so heavily influenced by celebrities and, as they are going against the tide and realizing the pitfalls of fad dieting, their healthy approach to weight loss will mean getting it off and keeping it off."

Kate is a well-known crew aficionado and runner, which no doubt helped her stay fit during pregnancy and get back into shape after giving birth. Those looking to keep their bodies fit and healthy during pregnancy should consult with a doctor and physical trainer who has experience training pregnant women.

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