Kate Middleton shows baby bump while in London

During the first trimester, you may not begin to show much of a baby bump. However, your friends and family are likely going to be all over you once you do! This is a magical time for both mommy and baby as the due date inches nearer, and one woman who recently started showing hers is Kate Middleton. At the Hope House, a substance abuse program for women in London, Middleton wore a lovely Max Mara wrap dress that displayed her growing bump.

Since the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William announced the pregnancy in December 2012, Middleton hasn't been seen much in public. This was her first big appearance, and she gave onlookers plenty to talk about after she debuted at the Hope House. Middleton is expecting her first child with Prince William this upcoming July. 

Looking stylish while pregnant
As you experience a slew of pregnancy symptoms and stress yourself out over decorating your baby's nursery, the last thing on your mind may be fashion. However, Middleton has proven throughout her pregnancy that it's possible to look glamorous while expecting, even when you're out and about in public.

As you go through the nine months, it's in your best interest to choose clothing that falls in line with your personal style. For example, you're not going to want to wear peasant blouses if you've never worn them in your life just because you have a baby bump. See what works best for you, whether you prefer T-shirts or tank tops. In the end, you may prefer an ensemble that shows a little skin, and for good reason! These pieces of clothing will allow you to breathe and move around comfortably while pregnant, so don't rule them out.

Finding the perfect maternity wear
You might be into the idea of looking stylish while pregnant, but not spending an ample amount of cash to do it. That being said, there are a few ways you can avoid breaking the bank during the nine months as you try to dress nicely and accommodate your baby bump. First, think about asking your friends and family members if they have any maternity wear they may be willing to lend you while pregnant. This can save you a large amount of money in the long-run.

Next, don't hesitate to seek secondhand clothing to showcase your changing body. These days, vintage is all the rage, which can make your thrift shop finds even more stylish and worthwhile to you as you try to look your best.

Finally, know which types of clothing are best for your body shape during pregnancy. For example, A-line skirts and peasant tops can cater to your expanding baby bump while helping you look fashionable throughout the nine months.

Hiding your baby bump
If you think along the same lines as the Duchess of Cambridge, you may not want to show your baby bump to the world just yet. That being said, you'll need to shop for clothing smartly and consider a few different tactics to conceal your tummy. Discovery Health recommended body shapers early in your pregnancy to hide the signs of a baby bump. Best Health Magazine reported that layering clothing and wearing loose-fitting BoHo chic pieces can also help you keep your pregnancy a secret for longer. A combination of these tips may be just what you need to deter rumors until you're ready to announce your news.

How have you concealed your baby bump while pregnant in the past? Do you have any tips for looking chic while expecting? Leave your feedback in the comments section!