Kate Middleton shows baby bump while visiting the Alps

Even though she's been doing a good job of keeping her pregnancy out of the public eye, Kate Middleton will have to start going to more extreme lengths as her baby bump becomes more prominent. Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge was seen in the Swiss Alps, attending the wedding of Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mark Tomlinson. At the event, she covered her bump with a cream coat, according to E! News. However, evidence of her little bundle of joy showed through her polka dot blouse as she headed to the ski resort.

"She was walking down the hill with three men," an anonymous onlooker told The Daily Mail. "She was very sweet and smiled at people who looked at her. She seemed to be taking in the scenery."

Another item worth noting on the Duchess of Cambridge was her pair of muklucks! The furry boots undoubtedly helped Middleton, who is now well into her pregnancy calendar, trek through the snow. The Duchess appears to fall into the category of expectant mothers who makes comfort a priority.

Staying comfortable while pregnant
As you exit the first trimester of pregnancy and inch closer toward your due date, your baby bump is going to become larger and tougher to avoid as you dress. This means that you'll need to incorporate a few pieces of maternity clothing into your closet to cater to your new body shape. However, not everything you find at the store is going to feel comfortable to you and cater to your specific needs. Perhaps you have lower back aches and don't want pants tightly cinched around your waist. Maybe you desire more open, loose-fitted tops to help you feel less restricted.

Think of these factors as you shop for maternity wear to ensure you're satisfied with your wardrobe. Some pieces you may want to consider are peasant blouses, A-line tops and pants with stretch bands to flatter your growing stomach and keep you comfortable. Finally, don't forget to invest in new undergarments for comfort as well. To help you ease the tenderness in your breasts, there are special pregnancy bras on the market that can provide you with support. By taking your changing body and its needs into account, you can make the most of maternity shopping.

How have you stayed comfortable while pregnant in the past? Do you opt for loose-fitted clothing or go through all nine months in garments that wrap closely around your baby bump? Leave your feedback in the comments section!