Kate Middleton to skip the baby shower

Kate Middleton, who was in the spotlight long before she announced her pregnancy, has been been laying low since the first trimester. Now, it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge will continue the trend by avoiding a flashy baby shower. The main reason why Prince William and his lovely wife are skipping the tradition (which isn't as common in the U.K. as it is in the U.S.) is because they allegedly want to prevent taking on additional stress, according to ABC News. Similarly, there isn't anything that other people could buy for the baby-to-be that the couple couldn't purchase themselves.

"Kate will likely shop for British products," Victoria Arbiter, an expert on the royal family, told the news source. "She's well aware of the 'Kate effect' and knows whatever she buys will sell out. If a product does sell out from a British store, it's good for the economy."

Individuals who choose to purchase baby gifts for the couple will be politely asked to return them or donate them to charity. A similar policy was put in place when the couple first got married.

Planning a baby shower
Just because Middleton isn't having a shower doesn't mean you can't go your own way and hold one! However, you'll want to familiarize yourself with proper baby shower etiquette. First, keep in mind that you shouldn't be the one to host the event - a friend or relative is ideal. Next, think about holding your shower close to your due date when you need a little distraction from third trimester symptoms. Finally, consider registering at a store to make shopping easier for your guests.

How have you planned your baby shower in the past? Do you prefer to have a family member or friends hold them for you? Leave your feedback in the comments section!