Kate Middleton's nursery allegedly "small and humble"

Since announcing the royal pregnancy late last year, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been relatively hush about plans for their newborn child. Even the gender of the infant has been kept a secret, although many people have their opinions as to what might be in store for the couple. Now that Middleton's pregnancy calendar is almost at an end, it seems that the baby's nursery is as well. At least this is what sources are saying who've seen the royal room.

Specifically, rumors have it that the nursery is relatively modest in its style and decor. Despite being an infant of royalty, Middleton allegedly didn't go over the top when it came to decorating the baby's room. This comes as a surprise to some people who've seen Middleton shopping around London with her mother for furniture and trinkets, according to Hello magazine.

"They have a small nursery prepped, but it's humble," a source told Us Weekly. "Kate felt it wasn't worth the money to go all-out."

Many people close to the couple also say that Middleton will be living with her parents shortly after giving birth, which goes against the age-old tradition of residing at the royal palace. A small, modest nursery is just another tidbit of information that shows that the duchess isn't afraid to go her own way!

Decorating your baby's nursery
If this is your first little bundle of joy, you might be anxious about decorating your baby's nursery. After all, you most likely aren't a pregnancy expert who's up to date on the latest furnishings and decor necessary to keep a baby at ease! However, there are a few key items you can incorporate into your child's room to ensure that both you and your daughter or son are never uncomfortable.

First, a changing table is a must in all nurseries. This makes it easy to get rid of dirty diapers and keep your little one happy and clean! A fairly new crib - no more than 2 years old - with updated safety measures can also help you gain peace of mind. Whether you have a small bedroom dedicated to your baby or a large nursery full of stuffed animals, these tips can help you make your infant's room cozy as well as eye-pleasing.

Do you have any tips for new moms decorating their first nursery? What items make the baby's room more comfortable for you? Leave your feedback in the comments section!