Kate Middleton's shopping trip doesn't reveal baby's gender

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, your loved ones are likely going to swarm you for information on everything from the baby's gender to the location of your hospital. However, this doesn't mean that you need to give in to their prying tactics! Just ask the Duchess of Cambridge, who's kept most of her pregnancy a secret - Kate Middleton is just weeks away from giving birth, and she's yet to reveal the gender of her unborn child.

Recently, Middleton was spotted shopping for nursery items with a friend in London, but no one could make determinations on the baby's sex based on what she was buying, according to the Daily Star. At the Bernard Thorp store, she spent 40 minutes browsing and only left with fabrics for decorative purposes. To make things more challenging, the fabrics were in neutral colors such as beige and brown.

"Kate was fascinated by all the designs and picked out two," an anonymous source told the Star. "She had very definite ideas about what she liked. It was boiling hot outside so the door was open to cool down but she was ­feeling the heat so we sat her down with a glass of ­water. The Duchess was charming and so lovely. She didn't put on any airs or graces. She said she'd got so many ­ideas after coming in."

Within the next few days, Middleton will begin her maternity leave, ceasing all public appearances and perhaps doing less shopping out in public as her pregnancy calendar comes to an end.

Am I having a boy or girl?
You might be interested in finding out if you're having a boy or a girl as soon as you find out you're pregnant, but you're going to have to wait to determine the baby's gender. While experts continue to get closer to honing in on this information sooner, the most accurate way to do so is to have an ultrasound conducted. Your doctor will recommend this scan in the second trimester when your baby has developed enough to make a determination. 

Keep in mind that there's no rule that says you need to find out the sex of your unborn child - some people enjoy keeping it a secret! Just make sure you talk to your partner about this decision as your pregnancy progresses.

Do you believe in keeping your baby's gender a secret? What are the benefits of finding out before the delivery? Leave your feedback in the comments section!