Keep cool and carry on

Summer can be hard enough to handle when the heat hits the 90-degree mark and the AC gives out. Add pregnancy into the mix and just a few days in a heat wave can feel like an eternity. Even if you normally enjoy the warmth and sunshine, you may find once-balmy August days are now almost unbearable, as if they were hotter than usual. 

And you'd almost be right. It's not the summer that's hotter, it's you. According to a recent Mayo Clinic post from Mary Murry, R.N, C.N.M., changes in your hormones and metabolism during pregnancy can increase your base temperature up to 1 degree Fahrenheit

You may be worried that the heat will be bad for your baby's development, but even as your body temperature rises, so does your ability to keep cool. Sweating's great for shedding heat, and your baby bump helps, too. Of course, that doesn't mean you'll actually feel any more comfortable. So what should you do? 

Drink right, dress right and keep cool
Drink water, for one. Lots of it. Sweating keeps you cool, but you can dehydrate quickly if you don't quench your thirst. The Huffington Post noted that expecting mothers should drink 2 liters of water per day, but you may need more if you have to stay out in the heat. Fruit juice can also do in a pinch, as long as you don't overdo it with the sugar. 

Dressing right can also help you beat the heat. The Huffington Post recommended wearing loose, light-colored fabrics like cotton to keep yourself comfy. While you may be tempted to complement your attire with a pair of flip-flops, go for sandals or sneakers instead. You'll stay cool and, with proper arch support, you won't trade a warm day for a night of swollen feet and cramped legs. 

Don't let the heat ruin your exercise routine, though. You may have to change it, but summer's no reason not to keep fit. Either exercise when it's cool or exercise where it's cool - change your daily run into a daily swim until fall swings back around. 

Of course, the simplest solution is to just stay somewhere cool. Settle down in front of an air conditioner and relax, or stick to carefully cooled locales like malls and museums. 

What have you done to stay comfortable during the summer? Did you stay indoors or find a few ways to keep cool outside during your pregnancy? Leave a comment and let us know!