Keep your asthma under control while expecting

A new report by the medical journal The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (TOG) indicates that pregnant mothers have a new concern: asthma.

Asthma already affects approximately 10 percent of pregnant women, making it the number one chronic condition affecting those who are expecting, according to Science Daily. However the TOG's review, published September 6, indicates that the way asthma affects pregnant women can have serious effects on both the mother and the child.­­­­­­ The most notable included hypertension, a higher frequency of caesarean sections and lower birth weight.

How to keep your asthma under control during pregnancy
The best way to control your response to allergens while pregnant is to limit your exposure. This means that, with fall allergy season looming, many women would do best to keep indoors as much as possible. If dust or pet allergies are your problem, consider investing in a high-quality home air purifier, such as one with a HEPA filter. Having your home cleaned regularly, to keep the animal hair from building up, could also be beneficial. Finally, talk to your doctor about allergy medication. He or she can recommend which medication is safe for you and your baby.

"Education is key for anyone, especially pregnant women, to manage their asthma. This includes understanding the condition and its treatment options, trigger avoidance, asthma control, adequate use of devices and the importance of adherence to medication," said TOG Editor-in-chief Jason Waugh, according to Science Daily.

Waugh went on to add that any women who are expecting and are concerned about their asthma should contact their doctor or midwife as soon as possible in order to prevent asthma-related complications.

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