Kendra Wilkinson spotted taking a run in the park with young son

Former model Kendra Wilkinson was spotted sprinting around a Los Angeles park this weekend with her 4-year-old son, Hank IV, just a few short days after Wilkinson announced her second pregnancy. The two were found running, laughing and trying their hand at basketball, making for a charming mother-son afternoon out.

Wilkinson was seen sporting a bright red track suit as she ran around the park and indulged her son in a few playground games. She was spotted in the same suit a week before, when she attended a local movie theater with a friend, leading some to wonder if the mom-to-be has found her new favorite maternity outfit, though she's only in her first trimester. Wilkinson looked cozy and natural, forgoing makeup while on the family fitness outing.

Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett, former professional NFL athlete, tied the knot back in 2009. They announced their first child shortly after. According to Wilkinson, the couple had very much wanted to grow their family, however, this time around proved more of a challenge, leading them to try some very unusual (and very private) strategies.

Wilkinson determined to stay fit during pregnancy
Now that the couple is finally expecting, Wilkinson is making sure to look after her health. She reported struggling with morning sickness, adding that exercise is important to helping her feel better.

"It actually hits me more at night than any other time. I want my energy back," the mom told People magazine. "It's those little tricks like being in the cold ... and I've been pushing myself to go outside every day and take a big hike. The fresh air has really been helping me."

Wilkinson isn't alone in believing that exercise is beneficial for both her and her baby's health. Exercise has been shown to help women who are struggling with severe morning sickness, and offers a host of other benefits as well. In addition to helping moms keep their pregnancy weight gain under control, exercise can serve as a mood elevator that helps ward off feelings of anxiety and depression. Some studies have even linked episodes of excessive weight gain during pregnancy to instances of autism in children.

New research from the University of Montreal even indicates that exercise can be beneficial for baby development, as it boosts brain activity in the womb. The study, which was presented at the Neuroscience 2013 meeting in San Diego, looked at the brain activity of newborn children 8 to 12 days after birth and discovered that babies whose mothers had exercised regularly during pregnancy were better able to process external stimuli, such as repeated sounds, indicating a more mature brain function.

Wilkinson is also apparently using her fitness routine to foster a little family togetherness. Are you happy to see this fit-and-trim family out and about during Wilkinson's pregnancy? Tell us how you feel in the comments section.