Key tips for dressing your newborn appropriately

Even before your pregnancy is over, you're likely going to be stocking up on infant clothing to suit your newborn. Whether your due date is in the summer or winter, chances are you have items to serve your baby's every need. However, there are some hazards that you may not be aware of such as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) linked to overheating. That being said, it's important to know what to put on your little one once the pregnancy calendar comes to an end.

Understanding overheating
Overheating is a more common problem than you may think. This can occur when a parent overdresses their infant, and it can eventually lead to a heat stroke or death. Some signs that a newborn might be overheating are diarrhea, fever, agitation, lethargy and convulsions. Because babies cannot regulate their own body temperature, it's crucial for you to be mindful of the dangers of overheating in infants.

In the least, extra layers of clothing may cause your child to sweat, which can result in an irritating diaper rash. To keep your infant comfortable and safe in the spring and summer, it's in your best interest to place your newborn in clothing that allows his or her skin to breathe.

Protecting newborns from the sun
Now that you know the importance of letting your baby show a little skin, it's equally crucial to understand the potential the sun has to cause damage. It's no secret that the sun emits ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause cancer in humans of all ages. However, there are moisturizers that can protect against the damage of sunshine, as well as clothing that can shield individuals from UV rays.

When it comes to your infant, make it a point to use a baby-safe sunscreen with SPF protection to keep his or her skin safe. To protect your baby's eyes, consider a sun hat. Try to dress your infant in loose clothing to keep him or her comfortable while playing outside.

Making safety a priority
One way to ensure your baby is not only comfortable but safe in the clothing you choose is to pick items that don't have any strings, buttons or pieces that may be a choking hazard. Strings on sweatshirts can quickly become a problem as your little one becomes more curious and starts sticking items in his or her mouth. If you can only find jackets and coats with buttons, double-check to ensure they're secure. Snapping fixtures are a safer option for newborns and can keep them just as secure in their clothing.

Preparing for winter
If your pregnancy is slated to come to an end in the middle of winter, you'll want to make sure that you have the right clothing to keep your newborn warm once the snow starts to fall. Sweaters, fleeces and coats are all likely at the top of your list. However, there are a few other pieces you may want to take into consideration to make sure your newborn is warm. A wearable blanket is one item you may want to invest in. It's easy to slip over your little one and unlike a standard blanket, it won't pose any hazards - blankets in cribs are often thought to create a greater risk for SIDS.

Snap-on shirts are also ideal for infants. They're warm and easy to remove without the need to pull the clothing over the child's head, which can be relatively irritating to the child.

Which clothes did you purchase for your infant before he or she arrived? Did you begin shopping as early as the first trimester? Leave your feedback in the comments section!