Khloe Kardashian Odom to stop fertility treatments

When all of your friends and family members are having babies, it can set off a little alarm in your head to start baby-making yourself. This is the position that Khloe Kardashian Odom finds herself in now that her sister, Kim, has given birth to her first child. Pregnancy has been out of the picture for Kardashian Odom, who is renowned for seemingly trying everything in the book to conceive with husband, Lamar Odom. The two had a beautiful, public wedding in 2009, but have yet to start a family of their own.

Now, Hollywood Life has reported that Kardashian Odom is getting rid of her fertility treatment drugs and opting for a new method to boost her chances of getting pregnant - exercise. A close friend of the celebrity told Life & Style magazine that Kardashian Odom is becoming invested in achieving a healthy lifestyle to increase the odds of conceiving.

"People say you can get pregnant when you're not even thinking about it and when you're healthy and in a good place," the friend told the magazine. "So she's taking that advice and just going for it."

Kardashian Odom was allegedly receiving hormone shots prior to making this decision to balance out her body. However, she's decided to ditch all of the medical treatments in hope of living her life in a healthier, more stress-free manner, with or without baby.

I want to have a baby!
If first trimester symptoms such as nausea and morning sickness are no big deal to you, then you're definitely ready to have a baby. However, starting a family can be challenging if you don't know where to begin. First, you're going to want to familiarize yourself with your ovulation cycle. Knowing when you're ovulating can give you a prime opportunity to conceive sooner. Next, you'll want to be intimate with your partner as often as possible, which can be challenging to do if you have busy schedules.

Finally, talk to your doctor about how to maintain your well-being as you look to conceive. He or she can give you tips, as well as help you become familiar with any health conditions you have and how they may impact your potential pregnancy.

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