Kim Kardashian hires trainer to stay fit during pregnancy

There's nothing quite like experiencing pregnancy for the first time. The first trimester is full of everything from nursery decorating to baby clothes shopping, as well as numerous changes to the body. Throughout the nine months of baby development, you'll find that you need to start changing your diet in order to cater to your growing baby's needs, but do you know how to stay fit while consuming extra calories?

For celebrities who are constantly in the spotlight, it can be especially stressful to be pregnant. After the delivery, excess baby weight is bound to stick around, but stars are expected to shed it quickly once their little bundle of joy arrives. Needless to say, this has been a worry for reality television star Kim Kardashian who recently announced her first pregnancy. Kardashian, who's carrying the child of rapper Kanye West, is renowned for her beautiful figure.

To make sure she looks glamorous after she gives birth, Kardashian has hired a personal trainer to help her stay in shape during infant development, according to the Deccan Herald. Tracy Anderson, a personal trainer who has worked with Madonna in the past, will be keeping Kardashian fit.

However, you don't need to be a celebrity in order to maintain your well-being and physique during and after pregnancy. There are a few ways you can stay fit by simply participating in low-impact exercises such as walking, according to CBS News. Talk to your primary care physician to learn more about which exercises are safe for you for the first trimester up until your due date.

How have you stayed fit during your pregnancy in the past? Do you have any tips for shedding baby weight? Leave your feedback in the comments section!