Kindara app may help more couples conceive

These days, it seems like everyone owns a smartphone, and why not? With this device, you can check your email, catch up on the news and plan your pregnancy. If it sounds too good to be true, consider the Kindara app, which has been developed to help women succeed in their baby-making efforts, according to the Times-Standard, a northern California news source. This app was created by Will Sacks and his wife, Kati Bicknell, who simply wanted a tool that could help women track their bodies and determine the right time to conceive.

"I can't believe I lived 29 years before I knew this," Sacks told the news source. "It's kind of like 'Being A Human 101.' We should all know how to create and not create other humans, and understand how that process works. It's pretty basic stuff. Your body needs food and water, and if you want to create another human, do this, and if you don't do this; it's that basic."

About 100,000 people are using the Kindara app. Three-quarters of them are utilizing it to get pregnant, and the rest are using it to avoid pregnancy. By giving individuals insight into their fertility levels, the app can be a helpful tool when it comes to steering clear of conceiving. 

Detecting ovulation
If you aren't ready for a little one and a slew of pregnancy symptoms just yet, stay on top of your ovulation calendar. This can be tracked by determining how many days are in each menstrual cycle (it can vary between 28 and 32 days), and noting when each period begins. Ovulation starts about 14 days before the first day of the menstrual cycle, and this is when your body is prepared to conceive.

Have you used an app before to help you get pregnant? Do you know your ovulation cycle? Leave your feedback in the comments section!