Learn to run again after pregnancy

After your pregnancy, one of the main things that is likely on your mind is how you're going to lose your baby weight. Once you have your child, you'll be extremely busy taking care of all of the things that a new mother has to do, but that doesn't mean you should let your physical fitness fall by the wayside. Since you won't have a great deal of time on your hands following your pregnancy, you want to do the most effective exercises, not waste your time on weight loss programs that won't do much.

According to KABC, a Los Angeles news source, experts say that following a pregnancy, many women experience a change in their running styles that can result in greater injury to them and less weight loss benefit. However, there may be a way to get women running on the right track again to help them shed pounds and stay healthy.

Running clinics can help
According to the news source, there are running clinic designed especially for moms, which can help them learn to run correctly following their pregnancy. KABC spoke to Bryan Heiderscheit, director of the University of Wisconsin Runners' Clinic, who explained that abdominal muscles can weaken following a pregnancy and can affect the pelvic bones. This can change the way that people run and lead to back, buttock and thigh pains as well as injuries.

"It's not as if we're not seeing this in other individuals, but it's much more consistent in women following pregnancy," Heiderscheit told the news source.

However, he added that if women shorten their running stride following a pregnancy, then they may be able to run correctly again.

"You can reduce the load the body's incurring with running by just shortening your stride by about 5 or 10 percent," Heiderscheit told KABC.

Furthermore, he said that women need to wait at least six weeks after they give birth before running again, so they don't injure themselves.

Weight loss and pregnancy
Along with exercise, the Mayo Clinic recommends that women change their eating habit following pregnancy if they want to lose weight. If you're trying to shed pounds after giving birth, you want to make sure to eat smaller portions than you did while pregnant. Also, surround yourself with healthy foods and don't leave a lot of junk around to tempt you.