Need last minute goodies for New Year's Eve?
We're days away from 2013! If you are hosting a New Year's Eve get-together you will want to check out our "Last minute New Year's Eve goodies" to complete the munchies you have on hand!

What time do you expect to 'turn off the lights' at your party?
Final weekly round-up! Got a favorite?
It is the final "Weekly Round-up" for 2012! Revisit this week's features and invite others to join you to discuss within the comment section! Here's what we served this past week:

We want to hear from you!
We really want to see your questions, comments and thoughts here on this page. Friend us today, and tell others about it too! We want to see you engage with how about it?
Perfect last minute gift for kids! Exclusive discount!
January, we will be bringing the topic of early literacy to the forefront! Give a gift that keeps giving -- one that unlocks a world of imagination, science, history… the arts! Award-winning Cricket Magazine Group is now offering an exclusive discount of $9 off any subscription! You can select from one of fourteen choices with something for everyone ages 0 -- 18! Go worry-free as Cricket subscriptions can be moved to another option at any time free of charge!

Who will you buy for -- a niece or nephew; a godchild; one of your own? Choose your gift(s) today at Cricket! Enter promotional code N2049 to receive your discount!
Want to host a camp out -- inside?
Just think, from this point forward every day gets a little bit longer! That's cause for celebration! Read "Camping in your living room -- celebrating the shortest day of the year!"

How will you "camp-in"? Sleeping bags on the floor, blanket tents, or admit it -- you're planning on calling dibs on the couch!?
Do you celebrate Kwanzaa?
Kwanzaa's week-long celebration of family, community, and culture inspires unique opportunities for children! Within "Kwanzaa celebrations and crafts for kids" you'll find daily activities for them to enjoy!

Do you celebrate Kwanzaa in conjunction with another holiday such as Christmas?
Have you weighed in? Let us hear from you!
Take another look at what we just released last week:

2012 is quickly coming to an end! Have you added your feedback within the comments? It's not too late!
TTC? Try these suggestions!
Are you aiming for a new addition? Given that the holidays are generally hectic and at times a bit crowded at home with extra guests – trying to conceive may seem downright challenging! Don't give up! Read "Get it on under the mistletoe -- babymaking over the holidays" and well – turn up the heat!

We'll look forward to welcoming your new baby in the new year!
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