Diaper changing stories range
Diaper changing stories range from the hilarious to those horror stories that often kept my husband up at night for weeks afterward! What is your's? Post it in the comments!
This group is one of my
This group is one of my absolute favorites onsite! Can't wait to see this year's finalists!
Which positions are your
Which positions are your favorite?
:) Kristi -- that would be
:) Kristi -- that would be great! Your daughter is already a *princess* and could give them some tips! I'm curious... Do you sense that there is almost going to be a disappointment if the baby *is* a boy given the change for removal of the gender restriction for the line to the throne?
I hope she has the baby July
I hope she has the baby July 5th, then my DD will share a birthday with a Royal. They will have a boy and call him Charlie ;) xx
I am so very sorry for the
I am so very sorry for the painful loss of your friend and her daughter... and the lasting impact that act has had for your son. Our older kids did catch a bit on the news, but we have since been limiting. We did discuss it briefly as a family as we prayed for the victims, their families, and more. Our younger ones asked questions -- some tough ones to process. We answered as best we could honestly while trying not to overwhelm. I think this will be an ongoing process. Being a parent is difficult. We want to be able to give our children promises that nothing bad will ever happen to them... and more so we want to make it be true.
My oldest is 6, and in the
My oldest is 6, and in the first grade. I keep looking at the pictures of these beautiful faces, that remind me of my son, and my heart just breaks. We have chosen to not expose our kids to what happened. We have kept the tv off, and dont discuss what is going on in front of them. Our kids are 6, 3, 2, and 6 weeks old. They really arent old enough to process it. In 2009 a friend of ours, and her daughter, were murdered. Our oldest still has a fear of a man with a gun hurting us. We dont want to make that fear worse, and have him not want to go to school or worry more than he already does.bbq
We know Santa. After a whole
We know Santa. After a whole year of toy-building, a night filled with squeezing through chimneys (and in some homes making one first!), needless to say he's beat! As a way of appreciation my mom (now known as "Nana") has for years invited Mr. & Mrs. Claus to drop in for Christmas dinner with all our family. Most of the time, he goes home and changes first into more casual attire. (We actually get to see them off and on throughout the year as well and consider them very dear friends.) The kids love that they know the REAL Santa. :) They especially love being able to hop on his lap to say "Thank you" for whatever they received! Santa has a great memory!
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