This is ridiculous - let kids
This is ridiculous - let kids be kids. I remember as a child, outside playing with my friends and having fun. It seems that today kids are being forced into staying inside - studying and on a very rigid schedule. We need to let kids be kids so that they keep healthy and stay away from depression. Too many kids are overweight, angry, bullies and so on. "Career Aptitude Tests" are for people are getting ready for the workplace. Yes, they are helpful in determining and preparing for our career path.
Celebrity Round-Up: Hollywood Births, Splits and "Kiss and Tells"
Every week we bring you all the news there is to use when it comes to celebrities. In this edition we have births, splits and "kiss and tells."
Fetal Genome Sequenced Without Father's DNA in New Procedure
For the first time, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have sequenced the genome of a fetus using only a mother's blood sample.
Watch a Birth from the Inside for the First Time!
Imagine how still this mom had to be. For anyone who has had an MRI, you know that you can't move in order to get a good picture. Well, this is not your average birth video. German researchers have used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to peer inside a woman's body during labor, a medical first that sheds light on the birth process.
Kindergarten Career Aptitude Test in the Works
If you thought you had time to worry about your child studying for and taking their SAT and ACT tests, you don't. A new digital tool to test academic and behavioral skills will target students starting in kindergarten. The test is intended to gauge a student's traits towards certain careers.

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Kindergarten Leads to Higher Crime Rates
Does kindergarten lead to a life of crime? According to one legislator, the answer is yes. No matter what side of the political aisle you're on, this is the kind of story that will likely leave you shaking your head.
Celebrity Round-Up: Cruise-Holmes Split, Nora Dies, Emily and Oprah
Don't miss this week's edition of the celebrity round-up! Get all the celeb news you can use in a "byte-sized" package!
Good Samaritan Saves Baby Boy from Subway Tracks
It was a windy afternoon on the "J" subway platform on the New York subway at Van Siclen Avenue. A mother had her one-year-old baby boy in a stroller with her. Her three other children were on a bench.
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