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Welcome to! We know that change is always a big thing -- but we think you'll like it! Bear with us as we're still doing a bit of fixing up after the long and momentous birth!
Can't wait to see how these pages do!
We can't wait to see how these pages do! What a fun way to interact with brands, friends and experts!
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Hi everyone! We know this has been a long time in coming but we're almost there!
I personally think that it is
I personally think that it is no ones business but the Duggars as to how many children they have.
The Push to Give Birth on 11-11-11
Today's date is a perfect palindrome, or sequence of units, that can be read the same way in either direction. This kind of numbered occurrence only happens once every 100 years.
Celebrity Baby Watch: Do We Have Royal Bump?
Ever since the so-called "Wedding of the Century," it seems the world has been on "royal baby watch" waiting to hear that Prince William's new bride, Kate Middleton is sporting a royal baby bump.
Beyonce Craves Ketchup and More Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings!
We've all heard of pickles and ice cream but how about ketchup and ice cream? We all have weird cravings but it's always more fun to see which ones are enslaving celebrities!
I honestly can't believe they
I honestly can't believe they are having another. Just because we're able to do something doesn't mean we always SHOULD do is why we have common sense and have evolved over other mammals!
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