Ivanka Trump Tweets Her Birth Announcement
Celebrities have started tweeting their birth announcements. Will this be the next trend or next "ho-hum" experiment?
Mothers-to-be Smoking for Smaller Babies
Despite evidence and warnings that smoking during your pregnancy can harm your baby, some women continue the nasty habit to cook up smaller babies.
I did this test at 10 weeks.
I did this test at 10 weeks. My mother's intuition tells me I'm having a boy, and so did the test. At 12 wks 4 days I had my down syndrome screening sono and the sonographer told us we were having a boy as well. So for me the test was 100% accurate.
Thank you for these great
Thank you for these great ideas. I met my fiance after I got pregnant when I decided to comb through some online dating sites. We were in love from the first date, and he stepped into a fatherly role so quickly I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I've been feeling guilty lately (as my due date nears) that because I was pregnant when he first met me, we didn't have the opportunity to romance the way a new couple should have. These are some great ideas that I'll be sure to surprise him with!
I've been searching on what
I've been searching on what sex position which I can conceived either a boy or a girl. I realized that I've tried the positions but never knew that there is something with it.
Thank you for posting your
Thank you for posting your experience online. It really helped me to gain confidence a little. I had a miscarriage at 15 wks last march. I am 10 wks pregnant again with God's grace now. My doctor has suggested me having cerclage done this time to be safe. As they were not able to diagnose the actual cause of the loss. I was a little worried about the whole procedure. But, I did get a little confidence reading this article and experience. Hopefully everything works out well this time.
Many of these blogs are very
Many of these blogs are very comforting. I found I had an incompetent cervix after losing one baby at almost 16 wks gestation,and pregnant with my now 10 year old daughter. Around 15 wks, while pregnant with my daughter, the doctor noticed that my cervix was dilated. I asked in a fearful manner, "how dilated?" And he calmly replied all the way dilated. I was rushed in for emergency cerclage placement to the hospital next door. And because I had very little understanding of the severity of situation, I walked to the hospital next door and left my car in the parking lot. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. I thought the walk would be good. But things worked out just fine. The cerclage was placed successfully, and while I didn't carry my daughter to term, we did make it to around 32 wks. She premature, but otherwise healthy and just fine. No complications with her birth. She had to gain a little over a pound before we could bring her home, but it was worth the wait. Now my husband and I are trying for another child, and my doctor and I have already discussed the placement of another cerclage at 13wks. It really is scary knowing that the cervix even with a cerclage may not hold the baby. But I am willing to try. I envy those women who can get pregnant, jog, maintain stressful jobs and leave work at 5 pm to go deliver a healthy baby by 10pm. I could only dream.
Love and support for all the
Love and support for all the mothers to be that have or will be diagnosed with IC. I went through 7 miscarriages due to this before I was even diagnosed. Previously it was said to be caused by endometriosis or scaring in the uterus. After I was diagnosed with IC I completed my first pregnancy. My son is now 5 years old and already in kindergarten. I am also pregnant again and have already had my cervix stitched. I am a little past 18 weeks and have had no signs of problems. We just found out we are having another boy. My son is very excited to become a big brother. I also have a twin sister with the same problem. She was diagnosed after her third miscarriage. She now has three beautiful children -- two boys and a girl. I hope this article gives hope to any women dealing with Incompetent Cervix that they can not only have a child but have several children if they wish. There may be some problems on the way -- maybe even a few disasters. But if it's something you truly want, you can get there. Good luck to all of you!
Sour Grapes
Parenting - My World I am finding my 5 year old son regressing with some basic stuff he should be doing himself. Last night we had a 30 min fight over grapes. Yes, grapes!
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