Obesity Rates Rising -- Almost Half of Americans Obese by 2030
We've been hearing that Americans are getting fatter for many years. Now there's shocking and definitive proof that obesity is becoming an epidemic.
Woman Gives Birth But Didn't Know She Was Pregnant
Reminiscent of TLC's "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," Amanda Prentice of Tennessee gave birth last week to what she and her husband are calling a "miracle baby." The baby's "miraculous" because she didn't know she was pregnant until she went into labor!
That is a sickening thought!
That is a sickening thought! It makes me sick to my stomach to think of someone else nursing my child! Yuck! That being said, my mother in law told me once that when she was a baby her mother caught her 70+ year old babysitter attempting to nurse her. Sick!
Two-Year-Old Toddler is Mensa's Newest Member!
We'd all like to think that our toddler is a genius -- but in the case of Emmelyn Roettger, her parents can prove it. With an IQ of 135, she is the youngest member of the high IQ society, MENSA.
Celebrity Round-up: Jessica, Nadya, Levi, Khloe and Trump
The celebrity round-up provides all of the week's celebrity news in a byte sized package.
I hope they are able to make
I hope they are able to make a drug that will help. I'm on watch for preeclampsia. I know it wont help me, but at least it will help women later.
My status
How do you encourage your kids/family (including yourself!) to unplug and plug in to life instead!?
Dying Mom May Get One More Mother's Day
Darlene Gant is dying from stage four breast cancer. There's no treatment that will change this and no current FDA approved treatments that will lengthen her life. In all likelihood, she will not get to spend Mother’s Day with her 11-year-old son, which is her dying wish.
Sour Grapes
Parenting - My World I am finding my 5 year old son regressing with some basic stuff he should be doing himself. Last night we had a 30 min fight over grapes. Yes, grapes!
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