Women Turn to Social Media After Pregnancy Loss
Have you posted on your Facebook page about your pregnancy? If so, you undoubtedly received many "likes" and congratulatory comments. But if, heaven forbid, you had a pregnancy loss, would you post about it on Facebook?

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Hi and welcome to
Hi and welcome to! I'm sorry that you are concerned about having a potential 2nd trimester miscarriage due to an incompetent cervix. Having gone through several losses myself, some later -- I know that it can be a scary time for you. Unfortunately, many times there are no external symptoms of IC until the point where your membranes rupture (i.e. water breaks.) You *may* feel pressure/heaviness in your pelvic region but that can be difficult to distinguish from simply feeling heavy with the adjustments of your pregnancy progressing. Our "Incompetent Cervix: An Overview" article can provide you with more details regarding possible causes, diagnosis, and treatment options available if caught early enough. If you are currently pregnant and are concerned about a possible IC, talk with your medical care provider. Requesting an ultrasound or pelvic exam to look specifically at cervical opening or cervical length will give the best capability of diagnosis. Do take heart that only 1 - 2 % of all pregnancies will have an IC. If you have experienced a recent loss, please accept my sincere condolences. Either way, I do hope that you are able to get answers. Please join in our Community forums for even more support throughout your journey. If I can be of any further assistance, feel free to drop me a note anytime! Please respond again and let us know how you are! ~MissyJ (
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Hi all,I'm new to the site. I
Hi all,I'm new to the site. I just wanted to know the symptoms of a second trimester miscarriage due to IC.
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