We Want to Know -- What is the Worst Gift You've Ever Received?
With the holidays just about behind us, we got to thinking about the gifts we've received AND about those presents we simply must return, donate -- or dare we admit, re-gift!

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Hanukkah - Festival of Lights
Are you ready to light the first Hanukkah candle tonight? If so, Happy Hanukkah!
I would be upset. And
I would be upset. And disgusted. Beauty and appearance aren't synonymous. What a child does, their personality make them beautiful, not their appearance. As you looked back through the photos, how would a kid feel knowing that their "normal" appearance wasn't good enough? I'd rather my preschooler knew that I loved and accepted her just as she is.
Airbrushed Preschool Picture Angers Mom
Would you be upset if a school picture photographer took it upon himself to "improve" your child's appearance by removing a birthmark from her picture? How about furious?

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or you can do none of that
or you can do none of that ... get married and find out a few weeks later, you're pregnant. i guess it happens when it's supposed to.
Praying for your family God
Praying for your family God bless. I miscarried twins this year, now I am 21 weeks pregnant now, praying God have favor with this pregnancy. Keeping your family in prayer, keep me in your prayers. May God bless.
Jessica Simpson Getting $3 Million Dollars to Lose Baby Weight!
By Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Chatter: Simpson Signs $3 Million Dollar Deal With Weight Watchers!

Hookers, Drag Queens and Cone Bras: Toddlers and Tiaras is Back!
"I had kids so they could be in pageants." That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?
Coffee Drinkers Live Longer
There's nothing I enjoy more than waking up to the aroma of a cup of freshly brewing coffee, especially if my husband made it. Here's the study I've been hoping for!
Groundhog Phil Predicts More Winter
New Playgrounds Equal Plus-Size Kids?
Obesity in preschoolers stems from familiar factors: Too much food, not enough veggies, too much TV, not enough exercise... How about too much emphasis on safety?
The Toadies Announced
The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood announced the winner of the 2011 TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young Children) Award!
Love Enough for Two
It was getting close to the time for me to deliver our 2nd child, just 6 short weeks away. Throughout the pregnancy, I was so excited about having another child. I LOVED being a mommy. I just knew I would love being the mommy of two babies!
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