How Many Diapers?
We are starting to buy diapers and wipes just to stock up and I was wondering how many of each stage/size is a good amount to have on hand. Is there anything else we can "stock up" on?
Traditions and Rituals to Nurture Your Family
Children love ritual. Repetition, the comfort of belonging, the sense of wonder, magic, and celebration -- all create a bonding experience that nurtures both kids and parents, and holds families together.
Coping with Colic
All babies cry. Most babies cry a lot. Some babies are more easily comforted, others can routinely work themselves into a frenzy. Of course it sends your heart racing. That's Mother Nature's way of insuring that the human race survives.
Curing Colic, Maybe
I buy the idea that babies need another month or two in a womb-like environment to mature. But what do I do to create a this environment for my baby? Here are techniques to use when your baby cries, but they are also preventive tools to keep your infant from getting over-stimulated all day long:
Increase your child's IQ: Instill a love of reading
Forget Baby Einstein. The single best way to increase your child's IQ is to read to her. Does she read every evening, not because it's assigned, but just for fun? Some kids do, and those are the ones who do better academically every step of the way.
You Can Have a Great Relationship with Your Tween Daughter
It's a shock when your previously sweet little girl starts tantrumming again. Twelve-year-old girls can be moody, over-dramatizing, self-centered, focused almost solely on friends, close-mouthed, surly, back-talking and condescending to parents. They can, of course, also be mature, affectionate and delightful, but at their worst...
Ten Stress-Busting Strategies for Moms
Everyone knows that stress is bad for us, but why? Did you know that stress causes spikes in cortisol, the stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands? That's okay if you're grabbing your kid away from the side of the pool, but chronic high cortisol levels are bad for your body.
Ten Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to School
So she's off to school every morning now, like a big kid. But instead of the exuberance you expected, you find many days -- especially Monday -- starting with tears, or maybe a tummy-ache. Don't worry, it's not unusual for kids to need a little extra help adjusting to the start of school. What can you do?