This is my first blog1 I'm
This is my first blog1 I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant and will start to blog more every day once I get going! Take care.
since ive had three miscarriages prior to this one will i miscarry again. my pregnancies only lasted up 2 9 weeks , should i be worried.
Desperate Help
I'm in need of help! So me & my ex broke up & i starting talking to a new guy well the 1st day of my last period was Oct. 29 & ended on Nov.2.
Chance of pregnancy
I got intimate with my mate last month, but we did not have a proper penetration and we even used a condom.
could this be a normal pregnancy
Why am I being told possible eptopic when I'm not but I believe 4wks along.
pregnancy levels
I'm 34 and had my tubes burnt 8 yrs ago. I've since had a miscarriage in July and am now pregnant again but my obgyn says my hcg levels are rising slowly.
blood lined discarge with bowl movement
I'm 24 weeks pregnant and over the past two days when I've had a bowl movement I also have a small bit of vaginal discharge lined with blood.
Pregancy preparation
Hi ,