Women Don't Want to Have Sex According to Best-Selling Author
Best-selling romance author Jilly Cooper says sex is not as marketable a commodity in romance fiction as it once was. "The reason is very simple – women don't want to have sex any more," she claims at the Cartier Queen's Cup Final at Guards Polo Club.
"Mommy Dog" Adopts and Cares for Orphaned Kittens
In one of the most bittersweet stories we've heard in a long time, a bulldog in Columbia, Alabama has become a nursing "mommy" to some orphaned kittens. This, in addition to caring for newborn puppies of her own.
They are completely useless.
They are completely useless. My kids never ate any of it! They just squeezed the pouch and let it flow all, giggling delightfully. Nope, total waste of time and money for our family! And, I think toddlers need to learn to use UTENSILS. Just like the cup debate... use the convenience items ONLY when needed. Otherwise, handle the mess and teach your kids to eat like they should!
Food Pouches For Kids -- Good Idea or Lazy Parenting?
Getting toddlers and little kids to eat nutritious, balanced meals or even to get them to eat at all can be tough. To help combat this problem, companies like Kraft and Nabisco created highly processed, heavily packaged items that are found in many school cafeterias.

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i have always believed that
i have always believed that this would one day come to light...i just couldnt believe that we were born with all we're going to have. I believe that more eggs could be created, and the "old egg" philosophy in down syndrome and birth defects was bull. Nobody really knew, all that could be suggested was that direction and blame was could come from this solution. Old eggs were the key to birth defects, dysfunction, and mental illness.
Celebrity Round-up: A Princely Birthday, Lindsay, and a Deep Tweet
The celebrity round-up gives you the weekly news you can't live without -- in a neat little package. Find out what's going on this week!
It will be interesting to see
It will be interesting to see how vocal parents are and if it will make airlines take a second look at these new policies.
Thanks for commenting -- a
Thanks for commenting -- a lot of people think it's creepy! But a lot are doing it -- you never know!
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