I'd love to know if they drug
I'd love to know if they drug and alcohol tested those in the car! I cannot imagine how ANY of those within the vehicle would have not been in fear for *their* own lives with a toddler holding a loaded gun unless they weren't sober or high. There are so very many variables in play here that, thankfully, did NOT happen. I also thought that they had to charge any other adult in the car with child endangerment for not insuring the kids were restrained. Since this article does not describe the driver as the child's father, maybe the child's mother and grandmother could have made the claim that they didn't know there was a weapon in the car... but it still does not address the issue of the kids not being in car seats. Just unbelievable. I'm glad no one was hurt.
What a great story! If only
What a great story! If only more of these professional athletes would exercise a semblance of this young boy's character! To answer the question, we try to lead by example - sharing meals with those that are hungry, having our children help with going through clothes, toys, books, etc. to donate, bringing them with us when we volunteer, and more. Also, to foster feelings of generosity within the family, we try to encourage them to look for ways to help one another. Granted, older siblings may not appreciate the little ones efforts to "decorate" their bed with Dora and Mickey Mouse stickers! LOL
Boy Sends Piggy Bank to Football Player to Get Him to Stay
Who says generosity is dead? I doubt running back Brandon Jacobs would say so. He just received one young fan’s entire piggy bank savings in an effort to keep him in New York!

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Definitely not in favor of
Definitely not in favor of this change either. Although I believe I would still be able to get on early because of my children's disablities, it's still not fair to other parents. It takes times with children to get on a plane and get situated. I hope they reconsider their decision.
As the mother of a child with
As the mother of a child with CHD's, I can tell you how invaluable my husband was during those dark days. While our personality's did clash at times, I'm so glad he was there for me. This dad/husband was definitely needed during this, so I'm glad he got home. They both need to be together to get through this difficult situation. My prayers are with this family.
That is so scary. I'm so
That is so scary. I'm so glad that baby is okay, but seriously how do you not know until you get home? So sad.
I have flown with young
I have flown with young children before. It can be very difficult to get onto a plane with an infant, toddler, and all their gear with you. It takes time, holds up the line, and makes the people behind you grumpy. It also makes an already stressed parent even more stressed. I am not in favor of this change.
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