Obesity in Pregnancy Causing Rise in Autism Cases
A recent study in the journal of Pediatrics looked into whether moms who are obese or have diabetes more likely to have a child with autism or another developmental problem.
Pregnant Women on Planes Turn Flight Attendants into Storks
In the last couple of months, at least two babies have been born at 30,000 feet. Granted, these were times you could count on applause over indignation at the sound of a baby crying on a plane.
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Celebrity Round-up: Housewives Sing, Kim Goes West, and Tori Surprises
The celebrity round-up gives you the weekly news you can't live without -- in a neat little package. Find out what's going on this week!
Instead of getting lost in
Instead of getting lost in the details, arm yourself with four key resources that together can help you begin to protect your baby even before he or she is born. A comprehensive reference manual. Put answers at your fingertips for what that cry means, or when to call the doctor. There are many books to choose from. An excellent pediatrician. Find one who will respond immediately to your calls when the reference guide isn’t enough, and whose office is convenient to your home. Family medical history. Find out if there are any medical conditions in your family that indicate the need for pre-natal testing and / or make saving cord blood a wise investment. Insurance. In addition to health care coverage for your baby, consider life insurance for you and your spouse or partner. When you wake up in the middle of the night thinking, “I’m pregnant and I want to protect my baby,” if these four resources are at hand you can rest easy.
Women Turn to Social Media After Pregnancy Loss
Have you posted on your Facebook page about your pregnancy? If so, you undoubtedly received many "likes" and congratulatory comments. But if, heaven forbid, you had a pregnancy loss, would you post about it on Facebook?

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Airline Announces Child-Free Cabins
A Canadian airliner introduced child-free cabins in an April 1st commercial. What a great April Fool's joke! Even if they're our own, flying with children can be tough. Find out how to make it easier!
Study Shows Elective Inductions Lead to More Complications
A University of Adelaide study has concluded that inducing labor when it's not medically necessary is more likely to result in birth complications compared to women who went into labor naturally.
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