Milk does your baby good

You know that milk's good for your baby, but you can help him or her out even more if you drink it during your pregnancy. It benefits you with a healthy dose of calcium, protein and, perhaps most importantly, vitamin D. As for your developing baby, recent findings published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition explained that milk can help him or her grow taller and with a greater resistance to diabetes.

Based on the research, encouraging this extra growth in your children requires drinking about 1/3 pint of milk every day throughout your pregnancy. If you do drink that much, there's a good chance your child will be born taller, and this benefit will extend throughout his or her life. The children involved in the study also produced more insulin, which can protect against type 2 diabetes. 

Greater height and diabetes protection are but two of the most recently discovered long-term health benefits milk can extend to your child. A study performed by Bristol University and Surrey University discovered that drinking it can also increase your child's IQ. This effect is caused by the iodine in the milk, which is also why organic milk isn't as good as other types - it has 43 percent less iodine. 

If you do start drinking more milk to help your baby during fetal development, you may want to stick with skim or 1 percent. The Minnesota Department of Health explained that whole milk's fat and calories can increase your chance for heart disease or even cancer

Have you been drinking your milk? Did you change your habits for your pregnancy or were you drinking it all along? Leave us a comment and let us know!