More women have babies after 40

When some people think of pregnancy, they envision a twenty-something-year-old woman with a growing belly. However, the fact is that more women are having their first child years after this time in their lives than there used to be. In fact, 45 seems to be the new 25 as more celebrities announce their pregnancies, happier than ever to be welcoming a baby.

KHOU-TV reported that, for the first time in decades, this age group is experiencing a surge in pregnancies. In comparison, women in their 20s and 30s are seeing fewer pregnancies than before while those in their 40s are experiencing a boom.

"Compared to someone who is 25, you'll see more incidences of hypertension, diabetes and other medical problems, but all those are manageable," Pinky Ronen, M.D., told the news source. "The outcome is almost always good."

Actress Halle Berry is the latest Hollywood celebrity to announce that she's prepping for pregnancy symptoms at the age of 46. This will be her second child, but she's welcoming the opportunity to be a mom again with open arms. Ronen claimed that this increase in pregnancies might be the result of women wanting to wait to have their second baby, focusing on their careers and entering second marriages.

The pros and cons of pregnancy at 40
There are several pros and cons to weigh when it comes to expecting in your 40s. The most notable disadvantages of getting pregnant during this time of your life include labor complications and the increased risk of miscarriage. Gestational diabetes and high blood pressure are two of the most common problems that older, pregnant women have to contend with, according to MSN.

However, there are also some advantages associated with waiting to get pregnant until this period in your life. One of the biggest benefits is that you've already seen the world and focused on your career. Now, you have the time to put smaller obligations aside and dedicate your time to being a mother. Many women are also more financially stable in their 40s, which can relieve an ample amount of stress when there's a baby on the way, than they were in their 20s or 30s.

That being said, getting pregnant later in life is not for everyone. Speak to your physician if you're thinking about conceiving and are worried about the possible risks.

Have you had a child at the mid-point in your life? Did you face any complications? Leave your feedback in the comments section!