New exhibit to showcase the beauty of pregnant women

With pregnancy comes inevitable weight gain, which is understandable and accepted by most people - unless you're a celebrity. Lately, pregnant reality television star Kim Kardashian has been in the headlines for putting on a large amount of weight, which is a stark contrast from her otherwise curvy, voluptuous figure. Now, one artist is going to attempt to hush the critics with his show, which will depict several celebrities in the midst of the pregnancy calendar, according to The Huffington Post.

Daniel Edwards' sculpture of Kim Kardashian and other celebrity moms and moms-to-be will be on display at the LAB ART Gallery beginning June 5. The show, titled "L.A. Fertility," is aimed at shocking viewers with images of women in their most natural state during pregnancy. Edwards will also have a piece depicting Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby-to-be at the event.

"I was inspired by the beauty of Kim Kardashian and felt quite put-off by the media's criticism of her weight gain during pregnancy," Edwards told the news source. "Such criticism should be off limits."

How much baby weight will I gain?
While pregnant, the Mayo Clinic claims that the amount of baby weight you should be expected to gain will depend on your personal body mass index. Your healthcare provider can give you insight into how much weight is acceptable for your body, in addition to giving you information on how to eat healthy while expecting. It's also worth noting that your lifestyle can play a large role in the amount of pounds you take on during your pregnancy. Consider talking to your doctor about exercise and good nutritional habits once you find out you're about having a baby.

How have you shed excess baby weight after your delivery? Do you know which exercises are safe for pregnant women? Leave your feedback in the comments section!