New moms experiencing cravings of their own

Unusual food cravings are some of the most widely known pregnancy symptoms experienced by expectant mothers. However, new research shows that these urges don't end after the delivery, according to Female First. Information collected by the Cussons Mum & Me company has found that women have a slew of other cravings (many of which are unrelated to food) once their pregnancy comes to an end.

A total of 1,000 new moms were surveyed to find out what they desire most now that the nine months are over. Bubble baths, glasses of wine and being able to wear "normal-fitting" clothing again are at the top of the list. Other cravings that made the list included free time to spend with friends and a live-in nanny.

"The journey of early motherhood is an eventful one, and life as a new mum is hectic - there are lots of things that you simply don't have much time for anymore," a spokesperson from Cussons Mum & Me stated.

Even small desires such as being able to read a magazine cover-to-cover and regular date nights made the list, according to The Stir.

Finding time to fulfill mom desires
As a mom, you're likely going to feel a little burnt out in between taking care of your newborn and upholding household responsibilities. That being said, it's crucial to make "me" time a priority in order to therapeutically regroup your emotions, according to Hitched magazine.

SheKnows recommends asking for help when you need a little downtime. Bring in a nanny or ask your spouse to take care of your infant for a few moments so you can do something you enjoy. This can go a long way when it comes to eliminating stress.

How have you found time for yourself as a new mom? Do you have any tips for resting, relaxing and rebooting? Leave your feedback in the comments section!