New ultrasound technology may be coming in the near future

As any woman who has gone through pregnancy will tell you, the results from ultrasounds are critical and exciting throughout the nine months. In addition, these images of the unborn child can give you insight into everything from potential health complications to the gender of your baby. Now, new research shows that ultrasound technology may become even more accurate and beneficial in the near future.

Experts believe they may now have the information necessary to upgrade standard ultrasounds and make them more efficient in the medical world. In turn, this technology may be able to benefit doctors looking into fetal development, traumatic injuries and other issues within the body.

"A high bandwidth allows you to sample the change of distance of the acoustic waves with a high precision," said Texas A&M Professor Vladislav Yakovlev, who pioneered the research. "This translates into an image that shows greater detail. Greater sensitivity enables you to see deeper in tissue, suggesting we have the potential to generate images that might have previously not been possible with conventional ultrasound technology."

The benefits of receiving an ultrasound
Prenatal ultrasounds are extremely common in the 21st century, and for good reason. These visual depictions of the child within the womb can help ensure that a pregnancy is going smoothly and educate expectant mothers about the changes occurring to their body. Additionally, being able to see the unborn infant can detect any health complications that may be emerging. For more than 30 years, ultrasounds have been conducted safely on moms-to-be, according to Imaginis, an informational women's health website.

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