Obesity may put women at risk during pregnancy

While many people are aware that obesity comes with its fair share of negative consequences, not everyone is familiarized with the risks that it poses during pregnancy. Depending on your weight during your pregnancy calendar, you may be putting your health at risk, according to new research published in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Experts from Queen's University Belfast and Belfast Health and Social Care Trust discovered that there is a higher chance of morbidity and mortality in overweight expectant mothers. This is a concern for the researchers as obesity rates continue to rise around the world.

"This large-scale study clearly demonstrates that being overweight or obese during pregnancy increases the risk of adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes," study co-author Valerie Holmes, M.D., told Health Canal.

However, the problems don't just begin at fetal development. Experts have determined that obese women may face difficulties with tasks such as breastfeeding after the arrival of the child, according to the Irish Independent, a Dublin local news source. These moms are also more susceptible to hypertensive disorders.

Staying fit while pregnant
While you might already be thinking about how you're going to lose your baby weight after your delivery, it's equally important to focus on maintaining your fitness and health while pregnant. Doing so can strengthen your muscles in preparation for labor and keep you from packing on too many pounds.

Before exercising, be sure to check with your doctor to ensure that your body is healthy enough to participate in physical activity, whether you want to jog daily or take dance classes. Next, see if you can find programs in your area that cater to pregnant women. Prenatal yoga classes are often popular among expectant mothers.

Finally, make sure you know how to stay safe while working out during pregnancy. This means finding the appropriate clothing and listening to your body, according to Discovery Health. It's critical to avoid clothing that's too restraining or heavy, which can cause overheating. Similarly, you'll want to pay attention to your body as you work out. Don't push yourself too hard and stay hydrated to ensure safety. As you progress later into your pregnancy, you'll want to take fatigue into consideration.

How have you stayed in shape during your pregnancy in the past? Do you have any workout tips for expectant mothers? Leave your feedback in the comments section!