Preeclampsia may increase the risk of premature labor

When it comes to maintaining healthy fetal development, moms-to-be need to consider their own well-being in order to ensure that their children arrive without complication. Preeclampsia is a condition that affects many women who are expecting, and it causes them to experience high blood pressure. While this ailment can be maintained, some experts believe that it may still be responsible for premature births, according to the New York Daily News.

One pregnancy that brought this condition to the forefront of the health world was Kim Kardashian's situation. The reality television star gave birth to her baby girl months before her assumed due date, and rumors are that Kardashian was living with preeclampsia at the time of the delivery. Typically, women develop this complication after the 20th week of pregnancy, and it can lead to health complications if the baby is not monitored during this time.

What is preeclampsia?
The Mayo Clinic described preeclampsia as an increase in protein in the urine and raised blood pressure, both of which can put a baby's health at risk. Some of the early symptoms of this condition include severe headaches, nausea and weight gain. Swelling in the hands and face can also indicate preeclampsia, in which case a doctor needs to be consulted immediately to handle the situation.

Medication designed to lower blood pressure and corticosteroids may be prescribed to help manage the ailment for the remainder of the pregnancy. Some doctors might also recommend bed rest to patients who are experiencing mild symptoms of the condition. Excessive physical activity can worsen symptoms and increase the chances of complications.

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