Pregnant celebrities opt for down-to-earth approach

Despite the joys that accompany pregnancy, carrying a child is undoubtedly demanding, both physically and emotionally. While many women provide inspiring examples of staying active, eating well and looking great while pregnant, even the most stalwart of expectant moms are sure to find comfort in taking some of the pressure off themselves, opting to dress down and relax.

Even celebrities aren't shy about putting glamor aside while pregnant. Several moms-to-be who live their lives in the spotlight recently made headlines with their down-to-earth takes on pregnancy.

Pregnant royal dresses down at the races
Zara Phillips, Olympic horseback riding silver medalist and granddaughter of the Queen of England, isn't putting on any airs for the public during the final weeks of her pregnancy. The Daily Mail reported that the 32-year-old athlete recently attended the Cheltenham races with a dressed-down look, donning an understated beige sweater - though her fur-lined cape gave a nod to her sophisticated taste. 

Though Phillips continued to ride during her first trimester, the Daily Mail noted, she's opted for lower-impact activities more recently.

"I have been riding, but it's so uncomfortable. So, yes, I'm baking. I love cooking and will definitely cook for the baby," Phillips said, according to the news source.

Drew Barrymore isn't chasing perfection
Meanwhile, newly pregnant actress Drew Barrymore recently expressed her embrace of a humble personal aesthetic while with child. Despite launching a new cosmetics line, Barrymore told Women's Health magazine that pregnant women aren't her target audience.

"You're not supposed to look perfect while you're making babies. Making babies is the perfection," Barrymore told Women's Health, according to People magazine. The 38-year-old star went on to note that she's not currently engaged in any intense workout routine and is opting to give in to her food cravings rather than resist them.

Gwen Stefani avoids the spotlight
No Doubt frontwoman and solo artist Gwen Stefani, now 44 and pregnant with her third child, is also taking it comparatively easy. A source in-the-know recently told Radar magazine that Stefani is opting for a low-maintenance approach, not changing her habits too drastically or calling much attention to herself.

"[Stefani] is working through this and even going to a lot of parties and social functions as if she isn't pregnant at all, and she's not interested in having long conversations with her friends about it either," the source told Radar.

Perhaps celebs like Stefani, Barrymore and Phillips are comfortable enough in the spotlight not to let it get to them while pregnant.

How did you change your approach to beauty and fashion while pregnant? Leave your feedback in the comments section!