Pregnant Kate Middleton allegedly seeks fashion advice from sister Pippa

One woman who seems to know a thing or two about fashion is Kate Middleton, but now that she's experiencing pregnancy for the first time, it appears that she's off her game. Now that Middleton is showing a baby bump, NOW Magazine reported that she's having difficulty finding the proper maternity wear for her changing body. As a result, Middleton is allegedly seeking help from her sister, Pippa.

"Kate doesn't want to spend money on maternity clothes if she can help it, but it's unlikely she'll have enough items suitable as her bump continues to grow," a source told the magazine. "It's become a real bonding thing for her and Pippa."

Finding flattering maternity wear
In the first trimester of pregnancy, you may be able to fit into your existing clothing just fine. However, it's only a matter time before you face the same dilemma as the Duchess of Cambridge. That being said, there are a couple of ways you can learn to love your baby bump and how it fits into everything from shirts to dresses.

One of the most common complaints about maternity wear is that it's expensive. To get around this dilemma, consider asking friends and family for hand-me-downs that they no longer need. If you have to buy new clothing, think of it as an investment. After all, you never know what the future holds for you and your growing family! Finally, make sure you choose versatile pieces of clothing as you shop. This means cardigans or long sleeves that can be worn in different ways to create new outfits. This tactic will help you get the most bang for your buck.

How have you adjusted to maternity wear in the past? Do you prefer to borrow clothing from other moms? Leave your feedback in the comments section!


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I love that Kate and Pippa are able to continue to share this exciting time as sisters! I want that same closeness for my own girls when they grow.

As for the question -- I bought a few key pieces that I was comfortable with and mixed them up with those loaned from friends to create my maternity wardrobes. Definitely it helped my wallet leaving more available for baby gear!