Pregnant women have options this Halloween!

If you're currently an expectant mom, you may be thinking that you're going to have to skip Halloween this year because there is no way you can fit your growing belly into a cute (but scary!) costume. Or, perhaps the spooky holiday has been the last thing on your mind with work and preparing for the birth of your baby. But, this is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of your baby bump and incorporate it into the best pregnant Halloween costume your friends and family have ever seen. Plus, there are many easy, make-it-yourself options!

Belly painting is in
A new fad for pregnant ladies is to paint their belly for Halloween when attending indoor parties or handing out candies to trick-or-treaters. This works especially well if you're in your third trimester. You and your partner can brainstorm globular objects that could be incorporated into a costume. For instance, paint your baby bump to be a pumpkin, basketball, beach ball, hatching egg, globe or a sun.

Get creative
If you want to keep your tummy covered, there are still many options. You could be a magic eight ball by dressing all in black and attaching a white circle with an "8" on it to your stomach. Another option along these lines is to be a speed bump - all you'd need to do is stick a yellow diamond on your black shirt or sweater with the words "Bump Ahead" on it.

If you like being creative and have some free time to make a more intricate costume, you should consider being a bun in the oven, an oyster with a pearl or the solar system with the sun being your belly.

Do you have any Halloween suggestions for expecting moms? What are some of the best pregnant costumes you've seen? Leave your answers in the comments section!