Pregnant women not receiving information on how to stay fit

It's no secret that pregnancy results in a few extra pounds - after all, you're eating for two over the course of nine months! However, it's important to be mindful of your food choices during this time period. It's not only crucial for you to sustain your intake of vitamins and nutrients, but you'll also want to regulate how much sugar and fatty foods you eat throughout your pregnancy.

Overweight women who become pregnant are especially at risk of gaining unnecessary pounds and keeping the additional weight after giving birth. Researchers from the Penn State College of Medicine now say that overweight moms-to-be aren't getting the proper education on how to stay fit and keep off baby weight following delivery.

"Women received little, if any, feedback regarding whether their weight gain during pregnancy was healthy or not," said Cynthia Chuang, associate professor of medicine and public health sciences. "Some women who received their care at obstetrical group practices and were seen by different providers in the same practice even received conflicting advice."

The fact of the matter is that even during pregnancy, it's possible to adhere to a viable workout routine without negatively impacting baby development.

One exercise you might want to try while expecting is walking. As simple as it may sound, this cardio activity can do wonders when it comes to keeping your muscles toned.

If you want to be more active, consider enrolling in a dance or aerobics class to exercise with other pregnant women. Many gyms and fitness centers offer programs specifically for moms-to-be.

How do you intend to stay active during your pregnancy? Do you have any tips for exercising while expecting? Leave your feedback in the comments section!