Reese Witherspoon is ready to deliver her third baby

Even if the paparazzi don't officially know when Reese Witherspoon's due date is, they can gauge from her swollen belly that it's almost time. The 36-year-old actress and her husband Jim Roth were sighted on Sept. 9 going to dinner in Brentwood, Calif., and Witherspoon looked like she was well into her third trimester, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Just last month, Witherspoon experienced a minor complication that sent her to the hospital for a few nights. According to doctors, they had to keep her from going into preterm labor in order to ensure proper baby development, Hollywood Life reports. Now, she is in the clear and is waiting with her husband, her 12-year old daughter Ava and her 8-year-old son Deacon to welcome the newest member of the family.

Celebrities have pregnancy cravings too

Like many women going through the ups and downs of pregnancy, Witherspoon has reported experiencing some of the typical cravings that many before her have.

"Reese has been waking up at 3 a.m. and craving seaweed smoothies, pickles and peanut butter all together, plus chicken wings smothered in barbecue sauce," a source told the Daily Mail. "In the day, she only wants bananas and strawberry yogurt – by the liter. She usually sticks to a healthy diet so she's hoping the cravings stop soon."

In addition to being the expectant mom of a third child, Witherspoon is not letting herself get behind in her work. She has signed on to star in the upcoming adaptation of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, which is based off of the best-selling self-help book for women written by John Gray.

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