Research shows that location may cause stress in expectant mothers

Stress is something that generally comes with pregnancy as parents-to-be make lifestyle changes and prepare for the new baby. However, this might not be the only factor that poses a threat to fetal development, according to ABC affiliate KSPR-TV. New research conducted by experts from the University of Missouri shows that the location that expectant mothers live in may increase stress and raise the risk of complications.

Specifically, the research showed that moms-to-be living in rural Missouri were facing more anxiety due to a lack of resources. Less medical care and access motor vehicles can quickly cause stress to mount. Kristina Kaufmann, M.D., told the news source that stress can potentially stunt an unborn's child growth and may even result in death.

Stress and pregnancy
If you're quickly becoming overwhelmed at the prospect of having a little bundle of joy, you may want to incorporate a few stress-relieving tactics into your daily routine. One way to ensure you're always energized and anxiety-free is to make time for rest. Fatigue is one of the many first trimester symptoms that women suffer from, meaning you'll likely need to make for time for naps, which can help you eliminate stress.

Another way to combat stress is to talk through your feelings with your loved ones. This strategy is effective during your pregnancy and beyond, and it can help you prevent anxiety from mounting and becoming a problem in the future.

Finally, don't forget to take your prenatal vitamins and exercise to help your body keep up with the little stresses that come with pregnancy. 

How have you kept anxiety low while pregnant in the past? Do you have any tactics that you use to relieve stress while you're expecting? Leave your feedback in the comments section!