Rude comments people say to pregnant women

During your pregnancy, you may find that some of the smallest things annoy you. While the Nemours Foundation explains that it's common to experience mood swings during pregnancy, you may be feeling annoyed not because of your hormones, but because people are actually saying some really silly things around you. There's something about seeing a pregnant woman that makes some people say the first things that pop into their heads, and if you've been offended by certain questions or statements before, you're certainly not alone.

Here are some comments that people often say to pregnant women that they shouldn't. If you've ever hear any of these things, you may want to think of ways to politely ask people not to say or ask them again.

Did you know there was a woman who ran a marathon while pregnant? - The Huffington Post explained that people may think that when they tell you about amazing feats of strength that other pregnant women accomplished, they're being helpful and inspirational. However, in reality, they may just be making you feel bad about yourself because you don't feel an urge to go for a 10-mile run every day - nor should you.  When people say this, you can simply reply, "Wow, that's amazing - I might wait until after my kid hits college before I try out any marathons, though - I'll be a little busy until then." They'll get the hint.

Twins? That's going to be insane! - Are you having twins? If so, you're probably already worried about how you're going to handle caring for two babies at the same time. That's why Reader's Digest magazine pointed out that the worst thing people can do is constantly tell you how busy and tired you're going to be once the twins arrive. You already know you're going to have your hands full, so you don't need anyone reminding you of it. 

You shouldn't drink that, it has caffeine. - Once people learn that you're pregnant, you may find that they suddenly take a closer interest in everything that you eat or drink. More often than not, you may have to deal with people chastising you for taking a sip of soda or drinking something else that has caffeine. While it's true that you need to be very careful about what you put into your body while you're pregnant, as long as you're not doing drugs or drinking a lot of alcohol, what you eat is really no one's business but yours and your doctor's. 

Enjoy going out while you can. - Once your baby is born, chances are you're going to be going out a little less than you used to. However, that doesn't mean you're going to be chained to your child's side until he or she turns 18. Many people will make jokes about how your life isn't your own anymore and you'll never be able to go out again, but that's simply not true. You and your partner will still be able to do most of the things you enjoy - you'll just have to arrange for a babysitter every now and then. 

Are you moving? - If you live in a small house or apartment, many people may be asking you if you're planning on getting a bigger space once the baby is born. This is a rude question, since you may not have the money to move right now, and even if you did, the last thing you need is the stress of moving while you're pregnant. 

Did people say any silly things to you while you were pregnant? Talk about them here!