Rumors alleged Danielle Jonas faked pregnancy for ratings

Danielle Jonas, 26, is probably best known for her role as wife of famous musician Kevin Jonas, however, the young bride gained a bit of notoriety on her own during the season of the couple's reality television show, "Married to Jonas," when she revealed she was expecting the couple's first child. Over the course of the season, the public watched as Jonas' tummy grew large and round. It was later announced that the couple was, in fact, expecting a daughter.

Unfortunately for the excited couple, rumors broke this month that the entire pregnancy had been a ruse put on to boost the show's languishing ratings. The publication Blind Gossip broke the "news" first, though many were quick to follow. The Jonas Brothers, who recently canceled their upcoming album and concert tour, have been suffering from a lot of negative press lately, and these latest pregnancy rumors just seem to be icing on the cake.

According to Hollywood Life, however, these rumors are absolutely bogus. "This is ridiculous, and complete bull," a source close to the brothers told the news source. "The show's not even on right now!"

The source went on to say that the couple was indeed expecting their first child, which was a source of joy amid all the recent chaos concerning the Jonas Brothers. In another sign of internal struggle, the brothers' Twitter account was recently deleted, which has fans nervous that this may indeed be the end of the beloved band.

Are you happy to hear that a new little Jonas really is on the way? Let us know how you feel - and what you think about these fake pregnancy rumors - in the comments section!