Simon Cowell expecting first child at 53

While some people can't fathom the idea of having a child, pregnancy sometimes happens unexpectedly. This is the case for Simon Cowell, the loud-mouthed man behind shows such as "American Idol" and "The X Factor." Recently, news broke that Cowell is expecting his first child with his friend's estranged wife. Some would call it taboo, but others are deeming it a blessing in disguise for the 53-year-old, who's known for his rough exterior. 

"The pregnancy has taken him by surprise," a source close to Cowell told the New York Daily News. "He assumed she was using birth control."

Lauren Silverman, wife of New York real estate mogul Andrew Silverman, is the mommy-to-be. When she shared the news with Cowell and the rest of the world, she was allegedly 10 weeks into her pregnancy calendar. Many people are skeptical of Cowell's ability to be a good parent.

"I would never say never [to him being a good dad]," one of Cowell's friends told the Chicago Sun-Times. "But I must say I'm pretty skeptical about the whole thing."

Tips for new dads
Becoming a mother for the first time can be exciting and stressful, and the same goes for new dads. Although fathers aren't going through the actual physical aspects of pregnancy, there's a lot to plan for when it comes to a new baby. There are a few tips dads-to-be can take into account to accept the responsibilities associated with being a good parent.

First, it's a good idea for them to babysit as often as possible. This will give them an ample amount of time with the new infant. Next, dads shouldn't consider themselves to be the "back-up" parent - they should take the role of father seriously and try to be involved frequently.

Finally, both parents should remember that it's best to try to work as a solid, functional unit for the sake of the baby. Neither parent should assume a primary role, but rather work alongside each other to solve issues that come up along the way. Additionally, new moms and dads shouldn't be afraid to ask for help from family and friends to cope with the responsibilities of taking care of an infant for the first time. 

How have you adjusted to becoming a parent in the past? Do you have any tips for first-time moms and dads? Leave your feedback in the comments section!