Snooki gives Kim Kardashian advice for her first trimester and beyond

There's nothing like seeing a little friendly communication between celebrities, especially expectant moms. Recently, "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi had a few words of advice for Kim Kardashian, who has announced her first pregnancy with beau Kanye West.

"I only just hope she relaxes and just enjoys being pregnant," Snooki told E! News. "I just hope she doesn't push herself, because I know she likes to work."

Snooki announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend Jionni LaValle last spring. The two welcomed their first child Lorenzo in August 2012. Snooki was renowned for boasting about her baby from her first trimester up until the delivery.

Those who are going through pregnancy symptoms for the first time like Kardashian may be in for a surprise. The first few weeks are filled with everything from unusual cravings to morning sickness, which can be tiring for women who're constantly on the go.

However, there are a few ways expectant mothers can combat these symptoms and look forward to being a loving parent. First, moms-to-be need to take every opportunity they have to rest as additional fatigue sets in. Afternoon naps may become more of a necessity as the pregnancy goes on.

Next, women can reduce the risk of morning sickness by avoiding spicy foods and opting for short meals throughout the day. Finally, expectant mothers may be able to benefit from taking prenatal vitamins loaded with vitamin B6, which can help keep nausea at bay. Moms-to-be can discuss extreme issues with a primary care physician to get more insight into their symptoms and how to manage them throughout the nine months.

How have you handled your first trimester symptoms in the past? Do you have any tips to share with expectant mothers? Leave your feedback in the comments section!