Some Oregon women still smoking while pregnant

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of changes to the body, giving women additional factors to be concerned about as they care for an unborn child. In order to ensure healthy baby development, it's critical for individuals to let go of habits such as drinking and smoking. However, this is often easier said than done for expectant mothers who are addicted to substances.

Now, the Trillium Community Health Plan in Oregon is working to help local moms-to-be leave tobacco behind in an effort to ensure the health of their children, according to The Lund Report. Research has shown that between 35 and 40 percent of pregnant Oregon Health Plan beneficiaries use tobacco, which can be dangerous to both mother and child. The group is focusing its attention on finding effective smoking cessation tools and making them widely available to women.

"We recognize that if we reduce the number of pregnant women who smoke we can improve the health of both mother and infant," Holly Jo Hodges, M.D., told the source. "When women quit smoking in pregnancy, we will see fewer low birth weight babies and fewer physical, cognitive and behavioral problems during infancy and childhood."

Smoking while pregnant
While it can be challenging to quit smoking while you're pregnant, understanding the benefits of doing so may give you the motivation to kick the habit. When you use a cigarette, you reduce the amount of oxygen that gets to your unborn child. Using tobacco can also increase the chances of low birth weight, infections and even death. Speak to your physician about ways to eliminate your addiction as soon as you determine you're pregnant.

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