Study shows seatbelts can protect mom and baby in accidents

For years, many expectant mothers have made it a point to avoid wearing seatbelts and turn off their airbags during pregnancy. Some women believe that these safety devices in automobiles may negatively impact fetal development and even increase the risk of miscarriage in the event of an accident. However, new research shows that individuals may want to start learning fact from fiction when it comes to this frequently used practice.

Recently, evidence from a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology showed that wearing a seatbelt during the pregnancy calendar can increase the chances of mother and child surviving an accident. This contrasts the common belief that airbags and seatbelts may potentially harm the baby in such an event.

"The worst thing you can do is have the mother get hurt, and the best way to protect the mother and protect the baby is to have the mother wear a seatbelt," Kathleen DeSantis Klinich, a researcher at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, told Reuters Health.

Catherine Vladutiu, a researcher at the University of North Carolina, told the news source that airbags are specifically not to blame for the loss of a child in an accident, but rather the severity of the crash.

The effectiveness of seatbelts during pregnancy
Now that there's further evidence supporting that women should wear seatbelts while pregnant, you may want to immediately start buckling up every time you're in a moving vehicle. In addition, make sure you know how to properly wear a seatbelt, as doing so is critical to the device's efficiency in the event of an accident.

The lap belt should always be placed under the belly while pregnant, and the shoulder strap should be positioned between the breasts and off to the side of your stomach, according to MedicineNet. Doing so can help you make sure you're as comfortable as possible while in your car.

To create a safe environment for you and your child, back your seat up as far as possible to create distance between your belly and the air bag, and don't disengage the air bag under any circumstances. These key tips can give you peace of mind up until your due date.

How have you maintained comfort while wearing a seatbelt during pregnancy? Were you previously told not to wear a seatbelt? Leave your feedback in the comments section!