Study shows some alcohol consumption during pregnancy may be OK

While most people know that indulging in alcohol during pregnancy is a big no-no, new research shows that there may be more to this assumption than meets the eye. The Millennium Cohort Study now hints that drinking lightly during the pregnancy calendar may not have as large of an effect on unborn children as originally thought.

Heavy alcohol consumption has been determined to cause health problems in babies, but little evidence shows negative consequences from limited drinking. Experts looked at 7-year-old children who had mothers who drank lightly while pregnant and compared them to another group of kids with moms who didn't drink at all.

"There appears to be no increased risk of negative impacts of light drinking in pregnancy on behavioral or cognitive development in 7-year-old children," said co-author Yvonne Kelly.

However, the experts noted that there needs to be additional research done to determine how much alcohol is considered safe for pregnant women. The individuals who conducted the study also stress that expectant mothers should stay away from alcohol until further research is conducted.

"While we have followed these children for the first seven years of their lives, further research is needed to detect whether any adverse effects of low levels of alcohol consumption in pregnancy emerge later in childhood," Kelly added.

Drinking while pregnant
It's no secret that doing drugs and drinking alcohol while pregnant can put baby development at risk, but it can be challenging for some people to abstain from these behaviors once they conceive. Smokers especially have a tough time doing so, but understanding the risks may be able to put the situation into perspective for expectant mothers. 

Fetal alcohol syndrome is perhaps the most commonly known condition that affects the children of mothers who drink while pregnant. This condition can result in deformities and damage to the central nervous system. Consuming alcohol while expecting can also result in heart problems and result in premature birth.

If you have any questions in regard to what habits are unhealthy during your nine months, don't hesitate to speak to your doctor. He or she can give you valuable tips on how to ditch cigarettes if you're a smoker or stay away from alcohol.

Have you completely abstained from alcohol while pregnant in the past? Do you know the dangers of drinking while expecting? Leave your feedback in the comments section!