The dangers of fat-shaming pregnant celebrities

During your pregnancy, it's likely that you will gain some weight. This can be difficult for some women to handle, especially if they have had problems with their weight in the past. Pregnancy weight gain has been particularly hard on celebrities, who have to deal with the media chronicling each pound they gain during the nine months that they are expecting. According to a recent article published by Fox News, "fat-shaming" pregnant celebrities is a serious problem that needs to stop.

The news source spoke to a counselor who specializes in eating disorders, who said that all of the media coverage surrounding how much weight Kim Kardashian gained during her pregnancy could be harmful to other pregnant women. Women shouldn't be afraid of being scrutinized over gaining weight during their pregnancy, especially if they are thin women who may need to gain a fair amount in order to keep themselves and their babies healthy.

Nobody's business
The Daily Beast also reported on this topic, and spoke to health experts who agreed that the amount of weight a woman gains during pregnancy should be between her and her doctor.

"This particular situation of fat-shaming because somebody is pregnant is really a form of bullying, and it is really, really hostile," Connie Quinn, M.D., site director of the Renfrew Center in New York, told the news source. "Gaining weight is a natural consequence of pregnancy. Everybody's body responds differently to pregnancy - and I don't think it's anybody's business to judge a pregnant person as they move through a developmental stage."

The Beast cited an article from The Huffington Post, which stated that when people shame pregnant celebrities for how much weight they gain, they are really simply trying to feel better about themselves, which isn't fair to the celebs or women in general.

Of course, Kim Kardashian is not the only celebrity who was scrutinized for her weight gain during her pregnancy. Jessica Simpson has dealt with people commenting on her weight during two pregnancies now, as has Britney Spears and many other celebrities. Some news sources have claimed that Kardashian has gained 65 pounds or more. This is likely not true, but even if it was, it shouldn't be anyone's business except for her and her doctor. 

Dangers of too little weight
In the past few years, there have been a number of studies conducted that showed that gaining too much weight during pregnancy can be dangerous. However, it's important to remember that gaining too little weight can also pose risks to you and your baby. For example, the Mayo Clinic explained that if you're underweight and you do not gain enough during pregnancy, your baby may be born too small or too early. Premature, underweight babies face a number of obstacles and may end up having to spend weeks or even months inside of a hospital. 

Steady weight gain is especially important during the second and third trimesters, according to the Mayo Clinic. Gaining weight is not as important in the first trimester of pregnancy, which is good considering that you may be experiencing morning sickness and having trouble keeping your food down. You should talk to your doctor about how much weight you need to gain while pregnant. Remember, everyone is different, so don't follow the advice of your friends when they tell you how much weight they gained, as your needs may be different. 

Did you struggle to gain weight during your pregnancy? What did you and your doctor do to help you reach a healthy weight? Leave your story here for others!