Tips for announcing your pregnancy to loved ones

Once you take the test, speak to your primary care physician and confirm your pregnancy, you're likely going to be anxious to tell the rest of the world that you're expecting. A new bundle of joy is a great reason to celebrate with friends and family, as former First Daughter Jenna Bush Hager will tell you.

Recently, Bush Hager broke the pregnancy news to her parents, George and Barbara Bush. She told Access Hollywood that she was relieved to finally tell them, claiming that they had been "harassing" her about having grandchildren for almost five years.

"My parents are really excited, obviously," Bush Hager told the news source. "This is the one gift they've been bothering me about."

Bush Hager isn't the only woman in history to become overwhelmed with excitement to tell her parents about her pregnancy - this anxiousness happens to most moms-to-be! But is there a right or wrong way to announce the news? Should you wait until your second trimester and allow your baby bump to do the talking?

The fact of the matter is that it's completely up to you - you can go above and beyond with a party or calmly announce it over a family dinner. Many moms-to-be opt for creative methods these days, whether it's posting an image of the pregnancy test on a social networking website or giving a "Grandma's little angel" bib to their parents. Consider consulting with your partner to brainstorm ideas on how to break the news. Just remember, you only have one shot to get it right!

How have you broken the news to your family and friends in the past? What creative methods do you have for announcing your pregnancy to loved ones? Leave your feedback in the comments section!